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Pilot Us
Pilot Us LK271
Pilot Boat Knab
This is a painting of the Lerwick pilot boat "Knab" coming back into the harbour, having escorted another ship safely to sea. The boat has now been replaced by a larger, more powerful and more up-to-date vessel of the same name, which is that of the steep rocky headland on the west side of the entrance to Lerwick harbour. It is also the viewpoint for the painting
This large 2,500grt catamaran vehicle ferry was built for Pentland Ferries for crossings of that Firth between St. Margaret's Hope on South Ronaldsay, Orkney and Gills Bay in Caithness.

It was commissioned as part of a series of six paintings of ferries, this being the last of them
A dual-purpose boat, easily convertible from drift-net herring fishing in summer to bottom species seine-netting in winter. Built at Macduff, for Whalsay owners, in 1957, she was under this ownership for 20 years before being sold to Burra Isle, where she continued fishing well into the 1980s. She is pictured in Lerwick harbour, with the island of Bressay in the background. Commissioned by my old friend and colleague Alastair Dobson, now resident in Switzerland. Oil on hardboard, 24 x 18 inches
NS Iona
NS Iona
NS Elida
One of a pair of oil industry supply vessels built for BP North Sea and West-of-Shetland operations in 2014, this ship is 5165 grt and 97m in length. The other ship is the NS Iona, and the paintings formed a double commission from the firm that year. Both ships are depicted in Aberdeen harbour
The couple, who commissioned this painting of their fast cruiser, are Shetland residents
The 20.000 grt "Nevasa" had a short but interesting career. Built by Barclay Curle & Co, Glasgow in 1956 as a troopship, this career ended in 1962. She lay idle until 1965, until being taken over by the British India Line as a schools cruise ship carrying on until 1975, when her operating costs made her no longer viable, at which point she was scrapped in Taiwan. This painting of her, off Gibraltar, was commissioned by Willie Arnold of Pershore, Worcestershire. Oils on hardboard - 24 x 18”
This beautiful landscape is that of Mweelrea in the north of Co. Galway in the west of Ireland.

It is painted in oils on hardboard, is 24 x 18 inches in size, and was commissioned by Emma Gibbs and Jess White from London
This splendid pelagic trawler was built in Flekkefjord, Norway in 2003, is 230 feet in length, and has a gross registered tonnage of 2,430. The painting was commissioned, by a Whalsay lass, as a Christmas present for her father, who is one of the shareholders in the vessel
Reform Lane
Reform Lane is one of the series of picturesque steep narrow alleyways which run between the Hillhead and Commercial Street, Lerwick. About a hundred years ago,the buildings on either side of these lanes were a crowded warren of small flats and bedsits, into which a large proportion of the population was crammed.

This landscape painting was commissioned by Kim Mathieson of Toronto, Canada, whose father grew up in one of the Reform Lane basement flats. Oils on hardboard - 24 x 18 inches
The "Marigold" was a steel-built steam drifter, built for the Admiralty at Aberdeen in 1918. She was later bought by A. & A. B. Duncan of Peterhead, and is pictured approaching Peterhead harbour, with Buchan Ness lighthouse in the background.

This seascape oil painting is on hardboard, is 24 x 18 inches in size, and was commissioned by R. Duncan, Fife
This fine family Lornik cruiser is pictured motoring down Weisdale Voe on the west side of Shetland mainland.

The painting, combining elements of seacape and landscape, measures 24 x 18 inches, and is in oils on hardboard. It was commissioned by Averil Smith, Weisdale, Shetland
Lerwick Harbour (1)
The busy harbour at Lerwick during the boom years of the summer herring fishery, in the 1930s. Wooden sailboats converted to motor are in the foreground, while steam drifters can be seen just behind.

This crowded scene in oils on hardboard is 36 x 24 inches in size, and was commissioned by John Thomson from Godalming, Surrey
Lerwick Harbour (2)
A summer scene in a 1930’s Lerwick harbour. The herring fishing is in full swing, and the fleet is taking advantage of a few hour's rest before heading for the grounds again in early evening. Boats taking part in this fishery came chiefly from mainland Scottish ports and east coast England, with many Shetland vessels too. The nearest row of boats in the painting are from Burra Isle and Lerwick.
Oils on canvas is 36” x 24” - for Magnus Schmidt, of Saltsjobaden, Sweden and Peymeinade, Provence
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